Higher Education Advisory Service



What is Partnership? 

Partnerships in the framework of institutional development projects aim at strengthening the ability of partners in conducting educational programmes. These partnerships are destined to eventually become part of the worldwide network of organizations that accept and accredit each other's education. 

To our belief this co-operation is believed to result in a win-win situation. Both instituted should really benefit. On purpose we use the word institutions as often we see it are only the lecturers who benefit. No doubt this is good and it helps the country, but we should not call it university cooperation.

In China, the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation,  (ITC, The Netherlands) is having a 30 years co-operation with Wuhan University in China.

In 2006 the ITC, The Netherlands celebrated the 40th Anniversary of co-operation with the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing IIRS (November 2006). 

This really is partnership which is incomparable with a two years project where lecturers from each partner visit the other one, but where it is not an institutional co-operation. 

Universities in the South need partnerships not paid travelling only, and partnerships should result in joint programmes